North Linn Fish & Game Club
        est. 1949



Welcome to North Linn Fish & Game Club, we are located just outside of Central City, Iowa
We are a private, member only club.
We shoot trap every Wednesday night starting around 4:30
We currently have a 10 yard pistol range..50, 100, and 200 yard rifle range.
We also have an elevated archery tower.

During the next couple of weeks, NLF&G Club will be under going some more improvements:
We are having some trees cut down/trimmed & we are working on the driveway to the pistol berm.
If you would happen to show up during any of this work, the ranges will be closed. It will not take long to finish the work, but we do not want the workers to have to work around people.
All Ranges will be closed during any work!!!!!!! The workers will try to give me notice before working, but expect sudden closures.

North Linn Fish & Game Club on facebook  (Click here)

YHEC Practice is the 2nd Sunday of every month Noon-2:30 (all ranges closed during this time)

The NLFG Club board members have voted to change a couple of safety rules starting immediately! 7/12/14
 1. No 50 caliber or larger Center fire rifles are to be shot on club grounds.
 2. No exploding targets are allowed on club grounds (tanerite, etc.)
 3. No bump firing of weapons

Club dues for 2015 have remained the same, $50.00/ CALENDER YEAR
Before any complaints, we are still the best bang for the buck around...that is less than .14/day
Your membership dues covers your immediate family (spouse, children under 18) You may bring a guest, after a couple of visits they need to purchase their own membership. Memberships will be available to purchase starting DECEMBER 1 for 2015.
Ernie @ Cedar Valley Outfitters has agreed to sell memberships for us again, cash and check only, you may not use credit card for membership purposes. If you have a complaint about the club bring it to us, not those that sell memberships for us, they are just helping us out.

New rental policy goes into effect January 1 2014
The First and Third Saturday of every month will now be blocked from any rentals, you guys spoke and we listened, NO RENTALS,  the only exception of range closure on these days will be official club functions (Hunter Ed, Turkey Shoots, etc.)

The Club grounds do not open until 8:00 am, please respect our neighbors.
The Club is closed at sunset, unless a approved club function, no exceptions.

Be sure to check out the Rimfire Benchrest Page.

North Linn Fish & Game Club is on Facebook come check us out. 

Please check the online calender for updates:
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